The Schweizer Model 333 helicopter is a light turbine-powered helicopter, a development of the Model 330 which entered service in 1993. New features include high-stance landing gear, upgraded dynamic system components and new rotor blades, providing increased power, useful load, speed and hover performance compared to its predecessors. The helicopter is designed for roles such as airborne law enforcement, primary and advanced training, powerline patrol, electronic newsgathering, transportation and other utility applications. A five-seater version is under development.

Maximum Range-2000 ft, std day: 574 km
Maximum Endurance-2000 ft, std day: 4.1h
Speed (4000 feet, KIAS): Typical Cruise 192 km/hr
Weight: Empty Weight -567 kg / Useful Load – 590kg
Hover Performance: In-Ground Effect (ISA)**- 3749 m