UAV / RPAS – Unmanned aerial vehicle

Although term “Unmanned aerial vehicle” is not defined in our Air Law, UAV is a flying platform controlled from the ground by a certified operator. UAV performs tasks sent via radio link from the operator’s control station. Flying platform moves automatically only in an emergency when the operator has lost connectivity with it.

See examples of work done by using unmanned aerial vehicle

Benefits of using unmanned aerial vehicles:

  • fast acquisition of visual geoinformation
  • possibility to make photogrammetric and remote sensing images for small areas, dangerous zone and regions where access is difficult
  • relative independence from aviation weather conditions
  • high field resolution of imaging data (under 15 cm), and high absolute and relative accuracy of positioned properties
  • support of digital processing of aerial and satellite images
  • possibility of multiple and repetitive recording
  • low cost of purchase and operation of UAV and recording images
  • there is no need to have the aerodrome with technical infrastructure
  • environmental friendliness

Flight training UAVO, VLOS, BVLOS, UAVO-INS

Training in techniques of taking photogeometric measurements and photos

We have own training center in Silesia